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As you can see I have an abundance of hair. When I shed, which seems like all the time, it gets on just about everything. So when we were invited to try out the ShedTek brush from Kooper & Co. we were thrilled at how well it gets it up. Especially after dad & I sneak in a nap on the couch and we don't want mom to find out he just rakes the brush over the surface and it picks it right off. You can see pics of other pups and there experience with the brush at @kooperandco_official or visit their website where you can get 10% off and free shipping when you use the promo code SHEDTEK10. #goldens #goldenretriever #englishcreamgoldenretriever #goldens_ofinstagram #shedmaster #modelmonday #dogmodel #retrieverlifemagazine #dogsofig #animalsco #atdogs #bestphotogram_dogs #welovegoldens #ilovegolden_retrievers #shedtek

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Cleaning up after myself was a breeze using this @kooperandco_official ShedTek tool. I bring it with me everywhere!

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?To those looking for a pet hair brush for: Carpets,  Car interiors, and other Fabrics, I finally found a brush that actually works. ? I'm really impressed and highly recommended it to all "Shedders." Thought I would share because we all know the struggles when dealing with dog/cat hair!? ?It's called "ShedTek Professional Pet Hair Removal Tool" by Kooper + Co. ?CHECK THEM OUT HERE?⤵ ?(WEBSITE): ?(Facebook): Kooper + Co ?EMAIL: ?It's 25$, made in the USA. Use the promocode:  SHEDTEK10 -  for10% off, plus free shipping. ?The link to the website is on my instagram description! Or just search google. ▫I'll post a video tomorrow showing a demonstration of it, and some close-ups. ◾Check them out, I guarantee you'll love it. ◾TAG SOMEONE WHO YOU THINK MAY NEED THIS...

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Armed with SHEDTEK dog hair be afraid. Info in my Bio.

A video posted by Tucker, Annie, Ashley (@tuckerandanniewhitegoldens) on Dogs inspire many a good idea. Thanks, Kooper, for leaving your hair here, there, and everywhere!Learn more about...